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Bordered By Western Ghats on East and Flanked By Arabian Sea on West, Malappuram Treasures Riveting Attractions

Being close to the borders of western Ghats is really a blessing for the districts located in the North Eastern part of Kerala as they can treasure many compelling tourist attractions which are spell bounding. Malappuram is such a place, which is rich in culture and remarkable heritage containing a number of small hills as the name suggests along with the lush vegetation of forests, bonded with rippling fresh water brooks. Most of them will know Malappuram as the most popular Muslim district of South India. Yes, it is true but apart from that, many travel locations are hidden in its province, which can lure the senses of people. You must have frequented Munnar and Thekkady, but to be out of box plan a trip to this Northeastern beauty of Kerala as what awaits you here is something, which is unexplainable. Nowadays for grabbing the opportunity to visit these places have become so easy as travel planners like Lelagoon Holidays have come up with exciting tour packages and even natives from other states can visit with budget friendly packages. We know that in India, a great percentage of people are wanderlusts, what they prefer is the cost effective way to travel. Kerala is most opted travel location and even natives of Bangalore are showing interest in touring. Malappuram and its attractions can sooth any shattered minds; the IT professionals from Bangalore can pick this package as it can refresh your mind from daily work pressures. You can check for the Kerala tour packages from Bangalore with low price to get an idea regarding the itinerary. The following attractions are mostly covered. It is not just the travel destinations that can amaze you but the unique culture, traditions, historical monuments that offer a varied level of enthusiasm for all who visit there.

Check out the following green and splendid destinations in Malappuram 

Teak Museum That Exhibits the Majesty of This Great Wood

Nilambur is a popular town in Malappuram and the teak museum is just 4 kilometers from there. There is no point in getting surprised by knowing that the world's first teak plantation was started in Nilambur by British in 1840. Realising the historical aspect of the region, the teak museum came into existence in 1995 by Kerala forest department. The two storeyed museum exhibits the scientific, historical and artistically aspect of the teak wood of which the catching one is the 480 years old teak tree stump which was brought from the Nagaraparamba forest ranges of Kottayam. All you want to know about the teak wood is explained in this museum, which is one of a kind. Not only just teak but also the vegetation and fauna existing in the teak plantations are exhibited in the museum. Thus, a collection of 300 moths, butterflies, and other insects can be found.

The Mini-Ooty of Kerala, Arimbra Hills

We know that Ooty is the popular hill stations in India and many tourists frequent the place. If you want to enjoy the same charm in Kerala itself and that too free from crowds unlike in Ooty, then backpack to Arimbra hills in Malappuram, referred commonly as Mini-Ooty owing to its pleasant climate as that of Ooty. Same like Ooty, the hills are about 1500 meters above sea level. Once you are at the top, feel the clouds, as they will be passing over your head. On your way, you can encounter stone crushers and at top vast stretched plantations are present. Come with your beloved and enjoy the real spice of Romantic Kerala honeymoon packages in the lap of nature. Many cottages and hotels are available for accommodation in Malappuram itself. Instead of going to Ooty for spending your honeymoon days as every couple does, take a unique trip where privacy is at its peak.

Nedumkayam Rainforest to Wrap You with Green

Coming under an integral part of Nilgiri Biosphere reserve, this beautiful dense forest inhabits many rare species of flora and fauna. Nedumkayam rainforest is located 15 kilometers from Nilambur and is ideal for trekking. This tourist spot nurtures rainforests, waterfalls, and extensive plantations of teak. The tribal settlements on the banks of Chaliyar River make the place more appealing. Inside the forest, you can visit a vantage point, which is a wooden rest house for watching animal inside the jungle, more commonly elephants and deer. Even there is an elephant-taming center where baby to bigger elephants is tamed. Visitors come here to take photographs as well as enjoy the weekend. It is open to visitors but requires prior permission from the forest officer to enter the jungle premises.

Kumaragiri Farm, a Perfect Nature Camp

This nature camp in the heart of the Malappuram city offers the best relaxation space with all basic amenities. Travellers stay here and a vast sitting area is arranged to face a waterfall where one can comfortable repose. Each room has attached bathrooms, and the commonly sought activities here are diving and biking. The farm stay is cool here and many picturesque perfect views are available here. 

Keralamkundu Waterfalls Filling the Large Pool

Are you a person who is crazy about playing in the water? Then do not wait just head to the Keramkundu waterfalls where you can catch the glimpse of an amazing geography. The 150 feet long falls are being poured into a large reservoir or pool, which is cool and pristine. The surrounding weather and forest views will make your journey thrilling. This fall can enthrall anyone who visits there. Social media has taken many efforts to popularise the location and they were successful when a gang of friends from Pune had booked the Best Kerala tour packages from Pune during their summer vacation. Natives of the 'Queen of Deccan' prefer tripping to any hilly regions that are full of greenery and adventure as their native is a hilly destination. Their package from Pune offered travel needs with budget friendly itineraries so they got a chance to tour whole Kerala.  For them, the place was a wonder, as there was no such perfect place to play in the foamy water currents and is safer. Never visit during monsoons as it can be risky to set your foot on the slippery rocks. Since their time of visit was during summer, the weather was pleasant; also, they had a chance to enjoy adventurous activities too. The waterfall is also located in the Nilambur location in the village called as Kalkundu. Picking a tour package is suggested as to drive in the rugged roads, a jeep is required which you can get easily if you are tied up with a travel operator.

Not just these, but a lot more to explore in Malappuram like historic monuments and pilgrims. Check with your trip organizer for getting detailed information about the place.

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Kochi Muziris Biennale

The Kochi Biennale foundation is non-profit charitable trust that is engaged in promoting art and the rich culture and heritage and along with these educational activities in India. With support from the Government of Kerala they are promoting Kochi-Muziris Biennale. This is an international exhibition of contemporary art set in spaces across the city of Kochi and surrounding Islands with shows being held in existing galleries, halls and sites installed in public spaces, old heritage buildings and other old and disused structures across the city. Indian and international artists exhibit their artworks across a variety of mediums like films, paintings, sculptures and performance art. The biennale seeks to invoke the rich cosmopolitan legacy of the metropolis of Kochi along with its mythical predecessor Muziris, the ancient port.

The Kochi Biennale foundation was founded by artists Bose Krishnamachari and Riyas Komu in 2010. This idea got conceptualized when Department of Cultural Affairs of Government of Kerala approached both these artists to organize an international platform for displaying art in India. They proposed this idea in lines with the Venice Biennale.  The challenge was relative to the ambition of the project. A Biennale has never got past the thought process in India. Because there was no existing infrastructure to exhibit art on this large scale. But with the support of the Government, private financiers and local businesses, the Biennale found spaces and opened them up for displaying art. International art community supported the cause by sending art and artists to take part in this affair.  The Indian art community also got a platform for working with international artists. And all these artists became the spokespersons of Biennale.

 The KBF foundation promotes the conservation of Heritage monuments and the upliftment of traditional forms of art and culture. The first Kochi Muziris Biennale began on 12th December 2012. 80 artists of which 50% were international artists showcased their work and a sustained education program in three months. As a run up to the event artist Eberhard Havekost’s exhibition called ‘sightseeing trip’ in collaboration with Dresden State Art Collections was showcased at Durbar Hall Kochi. Aspin wall house showcases the work of 44 artists spread across the premises. The third edition of Kochi Muziris Biennale was inaugurated on 12th December 2016 and is curated by Sudarshan Shetty. Kerala tour packages from Ahmadabad will include stay in places close to these art galleries so that you can admire and enjoy the exhibits showcased in the Biennale.

The different venues that exhibit the art are
1.      Aspin wall

    Originally this was the business premises of a company owned by  English trader John H Aspin wall which traded coconuts, spices, timber, lemon grass oil, ginger, coffee, tea and rubber. It is a sea facing property in Fort Kochi and has a number of buildings, warehouses and smaller outer-lying structures. This is the primary venue for Biennale and has been loaned over to them by DLF limited in association with Gujral foundation.

2.      Pepper house

     It  is a water front heritage property on Kalvathi Road in between Fort Kochi and Bazar road. The building consists of two godowns or warehouses one facing the road and the other facing the water front and the two are separated by a courtyard and with Dutch style clayed roofs. 

3.      Kashi Art Café 

     It is an Old Dutch property converted into a café by Anoop Scaria and Dorrie Younger. This gallery opened in 1997 with an exhibition by CV Ramesh, and hence forth has become the hub of Kochi’s contemporary art scene. The café has a beautiful collection of art work by some eminent artists likeChristina Mamakos, K S Radhakrishnan and many more.

4.      Cabral Yard

   The property gets its name from the Portuguese navigator Cabral who made the first shipment of merchandise from Cochin in 1500AD. The Aspin wall company acquired the Cabral Yard property in which they constructed a hydraulic press for coir yarn and they began trading in coir.

5.      David hall

    Named after a Jewish businessman David Koder. He lived here with his family. This is a Dutch bungalow built by the Dutch East India Company in the year 1695 and located on the north side of Parade Ground in Fort Kochi.  Since 2007 this place has been leased by CNO India to CGH Earth which is an ecological conscious hotel group. This hall is currently an art gallery and café.
6.      Durbar Hall 

    Located in the heart of the city, this hall was constructed in 1850’s by the Maharaja of Cochin to host his royal court and over 150 years this place has had major incarnations, but the recent renovation by Kochi Biennale Foundation has converted it into an international quality venue for exhibiting art.
7.      MAP Project Space

   Currently owned by Museum of Art and Photography, Bengaluru, these structures dates back several hundreds of years. Built at a time when Dutch ruled Cochin this place was used for the storage of spices for trade.

8.      Anand Warehouse also known as Gujarati warehouse

    This place is a standing testimony to the Gujarati community who have made this city their home for more than two centuries.

9.      TKM Warehouse

    It is now the venue for co-founder Riyas Komu’s Uru Art Harbor, which he formulated as a center for the arts and will also serve as the venue for the coming edition of Kochi-Muziris Biennale.

10.  Kashi art Gallery in Napier Street

    It  was acquired by Kashi art café as a dedicated gallery space and center for cultural exchange and renamed it to Kashi Art Gallery.
11.  Cochin Club

    It is a bungalow on a 3.5 acre plot and formerly used as a colonial mansion. Now this is a luxury hotel with beautiful landscapes. The narrow strip parallel to Cochin Club is used for Biennale as a venue.
12. Kottapuram Fort

    It  was built by the Portuguese in 1523 and it served a strategical position until it was captured by the              Dutch in 1663. The fort was a site of negotiation between the Dutch and Tipu Sultan and it was bought
     by the then king of Travancore Ramavarma Dharmaraja in 1789 to use the fort in safeguarding Travancore      against Mysore ruler. These are the various venue, Keralatour packages from Hyderabad will
    include travel to each one of these venues so that you will not miss out anything especially if you are  
    an   art lover.

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Top 17 destinations for Kerala honeymoon - Lelagoon Holidays

Kerala is definitely the right place for planning honeymoon holidays in India. With amazing natural landscapes and locations that are beautiful and serene, Kerala tour packages from Ahmedabad isthe best way to escape from the hustles and bustles of the city and the tensions of the hectic work life. Once you decide to visit Kerala for your honeymoon days, you will have a tough time choosing the destinations to visit while in Kerala. But if you have ample time, say a couple of weeks, you can visit some of these 17 destinations perfect for a honeymoon:

1.      Poovar  

Poovar is located near a confluence of a river and the sea. The floating cottages here are very popular among the tourists, especially the honeymoon couples, as they offer a lot of privacy and beautiful sunset / sunrise view from the cottage. These cottages are jutting out into the backwaters and you can spend the evenings watching the sunset from your balcony of the bamboo cottage sipping your favourite drink. You can also enjoy the sumptuous Kerala cuisine during your stay here.

2.      Trivandrum 

Trivandrum, the capital city, offers many beautiful beaches and tourist destinations to all types of visitors. There are very famous pilgrim places here, the most famous ones being the Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Bheema Palli and Vettukaud Church. The Shanghumugham beach is another popular destination for the tourists. Veli lake and village is a beautiful experience to cherish with an amazing garden to explore and the boating through the backwaters. The palaces and museums are also frequented by all types of tourists.

3.      Kovalam 

Kovalam is probably the most popular beach destination for honeymoon couples. The sight of the orange sky during the sunset from the crescent-shaped beaches where the Arabian sea meets the Indian Ocean look surreal, especially on a full moon night. You can enjoy a candlelit dinner on the beachside resort relishing the flavours of Kerala under the moonlit sky.

4.      Ponmudi

Ponmudi is a hill station near Trivandrum and a perfect escapade from the rushes of the city. It is a cool and refreshing place with a lot of greenery and stunning views of the mist-clad hills and valleys. The highest peak on the Western Ghats, Agastyarkoodam is located in Ponmudi. Tourists will enjoy the plantation tours and the refreshing air quality in these hills.

5.      Thenmala 

Thenmala is a popular eco-tourism spot near Kollam. Tourists enjoy the trekking through the lush rainforests and boating at the reservoir. The Dam, reservoir, river, garden, amusements, dancing fountains etc at the Thenmala eco-tourist park offer an unforgettable experience to the tourists on Kerala honeymoon packages from Ahmedabad.

6.      Thekkady 

Thekkady is another beautiful nature’s abode in Kerala. It is famous for the plantations, Periyar Reservoir, Periyar Tiger Reserve and Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. Boating at the Periyar reservoir takes up 2 to 3 hours during which tourists can witness many wild animals in the wildlife sanctuary coming to the reservoir to drink water. Deer, elephants and bison are regularly seen. There are Kingfishers and many other beautiful birds that feed n the fishes in the reservoir which is another beautiful sight that attracts the tourists. Explore the plantations and go on trekking through the tiger trails along with an experienced guide while in Thekkady.

7.      Kumarakom 

Kumarakom is famous for houseboat cruises through the Vembanad Lake and the Pathiramanal island bird sanctuary. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful landscapes of coconut groves and greenery that lines the emerald green backwaters here.

8.      Vagamon 

Vagamon is a serene destination of hills and valleys with a cool climate and quiet environment. It is a perfect destination for honeymoon couples.

9.      Munnar 

Munnar is the most popular honeymoon destination in Kerala. All across, you will see tea gardens that sprawl across hills and valleys. Mist-kissed mountains and fog-covered plantations make Munnar the perfect place for romance.

10.  Allepey 

Allepey is called the Venice of the East. The beautiful water canals and backwaters of Allepey are frequently visited by tourists who come to enjoy a tranquil holiday enjoying a backwater cruise watching the coconut groves and munching on some fish fries.

11.  Mararikkulam 

Mararikkulam is the most beautiful beach to visit in Kerala. The traditional resorts nearby offer luxurious hospitality, relishing Kerala food and invigorating Ayurvedic treatments.

12.  Kochi 

Kochi has the perfect blend of nature and modern amusements in Kerala. From shopping malls and star hotels to amusement parks, Kochi is perfect for the tourists who do not want to miss the modern elements of life. The suburbs of Kochi are quite opposite and offer a serene atmosphere of backwaters, villages and small-towns where there are many heritage sites.

13.  Athirappilly 

The ravishing waterfalls of Athirappilly and Vazhachal are a must-visit during your honeymoon holidays in Kerala. The treehouse resorts here offer the perfect accommodation amidst forest, overlooking the gorgeous waterfalls.

14.  Wayanad 

Wilderness reckons in Wayanad. The place is quiet and in most places, you won’t even get mobile range. This makes it the perfect escapade for tourists on Kerala packages from Hyderabad. Wildlife, nature, waterfalls, caves, plantations, trekking and nature photography can be enjoyed in Wayanad.

15.  Kannur 

Kannur is a beach lover’s perfect destination. The beaches of Kannur are unexplored and clean. The Muzhappilangad drive-in beach and Ezhimala beach that lies on the side of a mountain are loved by all tourists. Do not miss visiting the Bekal fort which is located next to the sea.

16.  Kasargode 

Kasargode offers a totally different experience of Kerala to the tourists. The place has some amazing beaches that are rarely explored by the tourists. The culture here is quite different as there’s a high influence of Karnataka, this being a border district.

17.  Nelliyampathi 

Nelliyampathi is hill station is located near Palakkad and is a welcome change from the hot and dry climate of Palakkad. The greenery and climate here will remind you of Munnar which is in stark contrast with the extremely hot and dry climate of Palakkad.

Visiting these places will leave a lasting impression of Kerala on the tourists’ mind. They will enjoy some most cherished moments of their honeymoon holidays from Ahmedabad in thecradle of nature in Kerala’s beautiful landscapes. 

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Kerala Tour Packages for Enjoy Munnar Neelakurinji

Kerala munnar Tour PAckagesKerala Munnar Tour PackagesKerala munnar Tour PAckagesNeelakurinji (Strobilanthes Kunthiana) is an uncommon plant that develops primarily in the shola fields of Western Ghats in India. This plant is celebrated for the way that it sprouts just once in 12 years..! This plant with a few extensions and blue blooms sprout in a bunch and is a glorious visual treat to watch. The light blue color of the plant turns purple somewhat blue when it gets matured. This uncommon to see plant is available in the valleys of Munnar in Idukki area of Kerala. Munnar is a sentimental, dim slope station and a real vacation destination in India.

Neelakurinji plant was first seen in the region of Kunthi River and subsequently its exploratory name. The last time this bloom sprouted in Munnar was in 2006. Presently the world is sitting tight for 2018 to watch this visual event in the valleys of Nilgiris. The blooming months are from August to November. The top tome of blossoming is at the end of September and start of October. A colossal herd of sightseers from each corner of the world was seen in 2006 while this bloom was sprouted in Munnar. Around ten lakh traveler went to Munnar in that season.

Keep in mind that you got just 6 to 9 chances in your entire life compass to see this treat. Each one time you miss the excursion, you are losing one of the best scenes in life. The inns and resorts get totally filled amid this season and it is fitting to book the rooms before your outing. Numerous lodgings, resorts, home stays are running in distinctive parts of Munnar and every one of them go gathered in Neelakurinji seasons.

The plants that blossom in such long interims are called as plietesials. Neelakuinjji is the most well known such plant. The elevations around 1600 mts above ocean level in Munnar makes an impeccable mood for Neelakurinji blossoms to sprout and survive. There exists some few Neelakurinji plants that sprout in distinctive periods in Munnar however they blossom in a group just in 12 years.

Kurinjimala Sanctuary was made in Munnar only to ensure the Neelakurinji plants. It is wide around 32 sr. km and the plants discover more secure territory at here. The haven is spotted in Kottakamboor and Vattavada towns in Devakulam Taluk. A Neelakurinji fest was commended in 2006 at Munnar and this park was proclaimed as haven in that capacity. The asylum is a natural surroundings likewise for some other wild species including Nilgiri Tahr, deer, elephant and so forth. Eravikulam National Park, Anamudi Shola National Park, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary are close to this asylum. Presently there is nothing more to think and befuddle. Simply hold up for 2018 to arrive. Book a best place for convenience and make an excursion to the blue heaven on earth.
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Edakkal caverns - Kerala Tour Packages from Le Lagoon Holidays

Kerala Tour Packages

Kerala Tour Packages

What sort of individuals were our progenitors? What sort of lives did they lead? Frequently, the ways prompting the responses to these inquiries are as captivating as the answers themselves. In the event that you might want to walk a little path along one such heavenly way of disclosure, one great spot to visit would be the Edakkal collapses the Ambukuthi Hills in North Kerala, thought to be one of the soonest focuses of human home. Inside the cavern you will discover old stone scripts, pictorial divider engravings of human and creature figures with unconventional hoods, the swastik structure, images and hole drawings of human figures, wheels, bows, blades, trees and so on.

Comparable hole drawings, thought to be 7000 years of age, are discovered just in Stiriya in the European Alps and a couple of rough places in Africa. The holes, which are found around 10 km from Sultan Bathery, are two common rock establishments accepted to have been shaped by a huge part in a tremendous rock.

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Kerala Honeymoon Packages from Hyderabad
Kerala Honeymoon Packages from Bangalore
Kerala Honeymoon Packages from Pune
Kerala Honeymoon Packages from Mumbai
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